Subway Sub of the Day

Here we celebrate the epicness that is the sub of the day! We have a ton of info about the Subway Sub Of The Day – but we’re open to adding any other sub of the day information that we can find! If you have your own promotion to tell us about, don’t hesitate to Contact Us and you could find your place featured here! Check out our new site; Fast Food Deals!

Subway changed the game when they introduced the sub of the day promotion. A featured sub each day of the week at a great price allowed for not only healthy eating – but also variety and choice! Choice of meat, vegetables, oils, condiments and bread has opened up a world of possibilities to have the sub made the exact way you like it. Heck, you could even get it toasted!

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Subway Sub Of The Month

The Subway Sub Of The Month for the month of February is every single Subway sub!

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