Friday Sub Of The Day

Friday is finally here and you’ve got a huge weekend planned. The Tuna sub sandwich features all the essentials to give you a little extra pep and energy to get the weekend started! Pick your favorite toppings to finish off the sub and you can even try it toasted for a new taste!

Take a look at the other Subway Sub of The Day $5 footlong selections they have using the menu below. The sub featured on this page isn’t only available on Friday, it is available every day throughout the week and is a part of their $5 footlong program. This gives you a great chance to try a new sub each day or a variety throughout the month. And don’t forget that you can always change the taste of your sub with the huge variety of dressings and toppings available. Each month we will update this page with any changes or additions to the Subway Sub Of The Day Friday promotion as well as any new info about upcoming deals or sales. Be sure to check back often an don’t forget to follow our social media accounts!

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