Subway $5 Footlong Menu

The $5 footlong revolutionized the sub sandwich game for everyone! Having a choice of so many 12 inch subs for the $5 price point was a genius move and one that has helped push Subway into global dominance of the sandwich market. Right now Subway is trying out a new promotion where you get your choice from 6 subs, chips and a drink for $6! They don’t seem to have their $5 footlong promotion at this time, but you can always check with your local Subway to see what promotions they might be running too.

There are a variety of sandwiches available for the promotion right now. There are a few brand new subs featured, Subway’s version of pizza, the Flatizza, has a few choices and of course there is also a few classic Subway subs you can choose from. Subway has brought back avocado and it is not a choice of topping at Subway!